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Formed in 1982, Stage Centre Management is a thriving co-operative actors agency that represents actors from all over the UK.

We maintain a select client list of actors across all areas of the industry, from recent graduates to experienced professionals. Through the dedication, commitment and diversity of its members, Stage Centre Management has remained one of the strongest communities within the acting industry for more than 40 years.

Like traditional talent agencies we submit actors for work, negotiate contracts and fees, advise members on their careers and develop relationships throughout the industry.

So what's different about a co-op agency?

First and foremost the agency is owned and run by its members. We are a not-for-profit organisation so every penny goes back into the business. This means our commission rates are lower than traditional agencies. We still need to generate an income to cover our running costs such as industry software subscriptions and membership fees, telephony and banking charges but as we run a virtual office, our overheads are very low. Currently, members who earn less than £350 per week from acting pay no commission.

Every full member is an equal shareholder in the business but don't worry. We are a company limited by guarantee which means our members are only liable for up to £1 should the worst happen.

Co-ops are also democratic organisations and we hold a meeting every month to make decisions on all matters relating to running the agency. Members have total control.

As an actor

You will have far greater control over your career. You can see exactly what jobs you are being put up for and how you are being represented. You will only be submitted for work you are really interested in and you will be represented and supported by those who truly understand your skills and preferences, making sure you are put forward for roles that really suit you.

We are a community of actors so it is easy to discuss your career goals, get advice on headshots, show-reels and self-tapes, and guidance on how to market yourself from a group of people who really understand you. We are all about mutual support.

As an agent

Each member works as an agent in our virtual office for the equivalent of 3 days per month when not employed in acting work.

We provide full training for new members so they are confident about representing their fellow actors professionally.

They learn how to use industry standard software, assess Spotlight breakdowns and match them to our actors.

They gain experience negotiating contracts and in developing relationships throughout the industry.

They also enjoy on-going support from fellow actor members to develop their skills as an agent.

Most importantly, members have total control and full access to all the information about how they are being represented.

Stage Centre Management is a Member of the CPMA [Co-operative Personal Management Association] 

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